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Birth Announcement, Blog Plans, and a Whole New Year

Happy New Year, everyone!  Thank you to everyone who commented or reached out about Isla’s Birth Story – I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.  I hope the first week of 2017 has been good for you.  Our week has mostly consisted of feedings, baths, and diaper changes, and (finally) putting together Isla’s Birth Announcement.

How stinkin’ cute is she?! Source: Tiny Prints

Jeremy and I both got whatever cold virus was going around during the holidays, and we were going crazy trying not to get the baby sick.  Thankfully, she never caught what we had.  This time of year is so hard to have a little one, with all of the illnesses that tend to spread like wildfire!  Thank goodness for Sambucol..

I go back to work in just a few weeks, and while I’m looking forward to getting back on a schedule during the week and having adult conversations, I’ll definitely miss this little face.  She’s 6 weeks old and smiling a ton, cooing (the cutest!), and just yesterday figured out that she has hands!  Great job, tiny lady!  It’s crazy how we have to learn every.little.thing when we’re born.

We’re easing back into normal life and making plans for the new year.  We have a million and one projects planned for the house this year, and a few that we’ve finished that will be posted soon.  Post in the comments if there are any DIY projects you’d like to see this year.  Stay tuned, and Happy New Year!


Baby Smied is Here!

A week ago today around this time, I was planning on publishing a new blog post.  I had it all written out – it talked about how we were still anxiously awaiting the baby’s arrival, how I was as ready as I was going to be, and how I also thought I might be pregnant forever because there just weren’t any solid labor signs.

I’d worked a full day, went home feeling completely exhausted (not normal for me) and decided to head out for a 45 minute walk.  The cool air felt great, and the walk woke me up a little.  I got home, walked in the door, started making dinner, and my water broke while I was standing at the stove.  It was so uncontrollable, and so unexpected that I actually started laughing before I called Jeremy to tell him that things had started.

My contractions started 7 hours later, and that kicked off over 30 hours of labor (yes, really) that ended when our little girl finally arrived at 8:21AM on Thanksgiving morning.  We love her so much that it actually hurts…something I couldn’t have ever understood before she arrived.  I’m getting choked up just writing this out!



Things have been insane since we got home from the hospital on Friday afternoon.  We’re not sleeping very much, mostly spending our time adjusting to the profound role changes we’ve just gone through.  I plan on writing out her birth story here in the next week when she gives me enough free time to do it :).  Thanks to everyone who has called, texted, stopped by, or even just offered to help – we appreciate you all so much.
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