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Easter + Spring Decor Favorites

Oh hey, April.  It’s almost Easter, and it’s my birthday month!  7 years ago last week, this happened:

Our Proposal: March 2010 | Sunset Celebration, Key West

I can’t believe it’s been that long since we got engaged in Mallory Square, it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago.  I’m ready to go back to Key West, get some sunshine, and celebrate again – this time with our little lady!  People watching on Duval Street is THE BEST.

Speaking of warmer weather, I’m so excited to say that it has been consistently around 50 degrees for over a week now.

We’ll just skip over the fact that we’re supposed to get snow tonight.  It’s fine.

That means we throw the windows open, put on some jams, do some Spring cleaning, and my favorite part: DECORATE!  At least while the baby naps.  We’re right in the trenches of the 4 month sleep regression, and we are so tired – but still trying to be festive!  Does anyone remember that Toys R Us commercial from years ago, with all of the singing bunnies?  I always pull that up this time of year and watch it just to laugh.  Seriously, it’s adorable – here’s a link.  You’re welcome.

For decor, think bunnies, eggs, tulips, and pastels all over the place. So cheerful and warm after a long, gray winter season.  I’ve been scouring my favorite stores for some deals on great Spring decor, and came up with a list of my favorites to share with you.

1.  Antique Sign from Sugarboo & Co.
Super cute, not over-the-top cheesy Easter sign.  I love the simple colors and cute message.  But then again, I’m pretty obsessed with anything Sugarboo.  Her items are a splurge, but also timeless and so unique.

2.  Forsythia Wreath
I found this artificial wreath at Target – their Smith & Hawken line has the best seasonal wreaths.  I love the little pops of yellow, and the fact that it doesn’t *look* artificial.

3.  Rae Dunn Easter Serving Tray
So, I knew that Rae Dunn had the sweetest little line of coffee mugs, but it wasn’t until recently that I found out she also makes serving trays, dinnerware, cookie jars, you name it!  Her work is simple, and charming, but also really hard to find.  You can usually get lucky with Rae Dunn finds at HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Amazon/Ebay – but not always.  So if you find something of hers you like, snatch it up!

4.  Wire Farmhouse Basket
Don’t you love everything at World Market?  This basket reminds me of those antique egg collecting baskets that you’d see on old farms – it would be perfect to store your own eggs in your kitchen.  Or if you’re just using it for decorative use for Easter, you could fill it with these wooden Easter eggs, also from World Market.

Source: Cost Plus World Market

5.  Woolie Ball Garland

Let’s face it: I am addicted to garland + bunting.  Whether they be pennants, flag bunting, or ball garlands, I love them and want them all over my house, all of the time.  Hooray Everyday makes THE cutest felt woolie ball garlands, for every season/holiday/occasion imaginable.  This Hello Spring // Woolie Ball Garland is so appropriate for the season, and would look adorable hung just about anywhere.  If you’re looking for something a little more neutral, this pottery barn ivory garland looks like little bunny tails.

6.  Green Plaid Easter Bunny Doormat
Another World Market find.  The green plaid looks like a green gingham, which I love.  Plus, BUNNIES.  It’s also made from coconut husk, which means it’s super durable and will last for many seasons.

Source: A Bowl Full of Lemons Blog

Finally, if you’re in the mood for some serious organizing on top of your Spring cleaning, you need this book. Toni is one of my all-time favorite organizational bloggers out there – and her book is a must have.

Happy Spring!

Family Holidays

March Comes in Like a Lion (+ Free Printable!)

Happy March!  It’s been a while, readers!  A whole month, to be exact.  I’ve had my hands full with a sick little baby for the last few weeks.  Daycare with other babies leads to germs and viruses being spread like wildfire.  Isla had her first cold  over 3 weeks ago, which lasted a week, turned into another week of coughing, and then ramped up again week 3 as baby bronchitis and double ear infections.  It’s been a month of runny noses, scary coughs, fevers, sleepless nights, and an extremely fussy baby.  We’ve just been trying to keep up – which is why projects and blogging have been mostly on hold.

Luckily, she’s on the mend now and getting back to being herself.

Baby in March St. Patrick's Day Onesie lying on faux-sheepskin rug.

Isla-doodle. Happy Go Lucky.

This week we hit a major milestone: she slept in her crib for the first time!  It was a big deal for all of us, and she did great!  She was outgrowing her bassinet in our room, so it was time.  We have a very talkative little lady who lost her voice from all of the coughing last week, but tries using her voice almost every minute she’s awake, which makes her now sound like a growling cat.  She thinks it’s pretty hilarious (we do, too.).

Can you believe it’s almost SPRING!?  We got a few inches of snow dropped on us this week as a final “see you next year!” from winter.  It really hasn’t been that bad of a winter so far, so I can deal.

(Almost) Spring = St. Patty’s Day!  In honor of that, I’ve created a free printable of my Green Beer chalkboard sign.  I loved creating this sign last year and hope you love it, too!

Paper straws are the cutest.

March Printable – Click on the PDF to download:
Green Beer Chalkboard Sign

I formatted this print to fit a 8″ x 10″ frame – just print + hang + enjoy.  Maybe have a beer while you’re at it.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Valentine’s Day Love – February Recap

Hey readers!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I’ve been a mom for almost 3 months now, to this little bundle of smiles + sass:

It’s actually almost a year ago to the day that I got pregnant, and now we’re here!  She’s just the cutest – she’s now giggling (I’m dead.), rolling over from her belly to her back, and mimicking our facial expressions and voices.  It’s amazing to see her changing, it feels like she does something new everyday!  She also started daycare this week, which was really tough for Jeremy & I.

Jeremy surprised me with this beautiful bracelet for our dating anniversary back in January (13 years!).  It’s a delicate little gold bar with her name and birthdate on it – so thoughtful, and I might never take it off.  I love it.

Source: Luca Jewelry

We’re all snuggled up over here, trying to stay warm, and cleaning up the sawdust from our most recent project that I can’t WAIT to show you!  It’s something we’ve wanted to put in the house since we walked through on inspection day, so we’re both really excited to have it done.

Valentine's day wreath and chalkboard welcome sign.

How fun is this burlap wreath? You can find the tutorial for my welcome sign HERE.

I hope you get all of the x’s & o’s this Valentine’s Day!

Home Improvement

Handrail DIY: Galvanized Pipe

Our old farmhouse was built around 1900 – when people were apparently very skinny (our stairway is only 33″ wide) and short.  The staircase is so narrow that it left us stumped for the last few years on how to add a handrail to bring it up to code, and more recently to make sure neither of us took a tumble with the baby.

Then I saw this photo on pinterest and was SO inspired:


Source: Houzz

Since we live in an older farmhouse, we like to use a combination of aged wood, tile/stone, and different metals in our decor.  It gives the home a rustic feel, and fits with the age and style of our house.  So a metal handrail felt like the perfect choice, and would also sit much closer to the wall than a traditional handrail.  We didn’t have a ton of room to work with here, so this was the perfect choice.  Not to mention, inexpensive!

Materials List:
3 Galvanized Floor Flanges (1″ Diameter)
2 60″ Galvanized Steel Pipes (1″ Diameter)
1 Tee Fitting (1″ Diameter)
2 90 degree Elbow Fitting (1″ Diameter)
3 Pipe Nipple Fitting (1″ Diameter)
2 cans of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint

The first step is to measure where you want to hang your railing.  To follow our local building code, the rail needed to be mounted 34-38″ above the front edge of the stairs.  We decided on going right in the middle, at 36″.

First, we used some Goo Gone to remove any stickers on the pipes.  Next, it was time to assemble.  We did the attachments first.  Thread your tee fitting into a pipe nipple fitting, which then threads into the floor flange – this will be the middle.  For the two ends, thread your 90 degree elbow fitting into a pipe nipple fitting, then into a floor flange.

Second, screw in your galvanized pipes in between the fittings.  At this point you should take your assembled rail and dry fit it on the wall to make sure that all threads are equidistant from the wall.  We learned that the middle tee fitting needed a little more tightening during this step, so don’t skip it!  Use a pair of channel locks to tighten everything until it looks even.

Third, we wanted an oil-rubbed bronze finish for this handrail, so it was time to paint!  We used rustoleum oil rubbed bronze and did two coats.  It leaves such a nice finish!

This is Kyle.  He also helped on our Pottery Barn Bed project. Hi, Kyle!

Finally, we hung it!  This is a two person job as the entire railing assembled weighs over 20 lbs., so you’ll need some extra hands to stabilize while one person hangs it.  Since we live in an old house with non-standard stud spacing, the flanges didn’t match up exactly to a stud.  To work around this, we had to use drywall anchors at two of the three attachment points.  I was fortunate enough to have a load bearing wall at the bottom of my stairs which guaranteed a solid anchor point.  One end was held there while Kyle went up the stairs to hold the opposite end.

As it worked out, it was the perfect length! One end butted up against the window sill perfectly.  I’m not going to lie, installing a railing on plaster and lath walls took some finesse, but it was worth the effort.

Here is the finished product.  Rustic, eclectic, safe, and perfect for this little old farmhouse.

Smied Watermark